Woodcarving class at the NorthEast Woodcarvers Roundup 2003

This was the First year

we held the Roundup. The Roundup was held at the Cherry Ridge Campground, Honesdale, PA on July 20,21,22,and 23 from Sunday afternoon thru Wednesday evening.

The Program

In 2003 we had 16 different instructors offering classes classes of various lengths from 4 hours to all day.

Instructors in 2003 included:

Carl Borst * Human face,
Chris Howard * Realistic face,
Jim O'Dea * Human face study stick,
Mike Bloomquist * Cottonwood bark spirit face,

Jack Miller * Smoothie shorebird,
Sally &David Nye * Fan Birds,

Harold Kaltenback * Small santa,
Richie McGrath * Relief carving,
Nick Sciortino * Chip Carving,
Ed Otto * Bark Carving,
Mike Galloway * Bottle Stoppers,
George Hallenbeck * Knife Making &Sharpening,
Jim Herb * Cane Making,
Fred Chambers * Sign making.

Jay Herr * Beginners carving workshop.

Jim O'Dea