NorthEast WoodCarvers Roundup

2005 Classes and Program

Sunday night at 6pm was introductions of each workshop leader, a small synopsis of each workshop. From 7 till 10pm, there were some mini classes .

Monday evening again was Music in the Park in downdown Honesdale plus a Trade Blanket.

Tuesday - Campfire with marshmallows and weiners provided in fron of the Lodge, in case of rain we will be inside the Lodge, bring your instruments.

Wednesday Farewell Pot Luck Supper, 6 to 7 p.m. with a jam session after bring your instruments.

> We again will have T-shirts for sale. We will also have carving tote bags with the 2004 and 2005 date on them. Adrian Grossman who works on a local newspaper provided local coverage, papers, radio and TV.

The Cherry Ridge Carving Club will be helping with the Roundup this year. President Bob Muller. If you are interested in a club in the Honesdale are call Bob at 570-448-9017.

FEATURE ARTISTS this year: Ol'Don Burgdorf - "Ol' Don" is an award winning carver/pattern designer and consistent feature contributor to "Carving Magazine", "Chip Chats" and "Woodcarvers On-line Magazine". Ol's Don will be doing a workshop on Caricature toothpick holders and bottle stoppers. This will be a one day workshop. Check out Ol' Dons web site; studio/gallery

Instructors from 2004 that are returning in 2005 include:

  • Carl Borst * Human face, This year Carl will be working on heads, hands, ears and beards
  • Chris Howard * Realistic face, Chris's website , All levels of carvers are welcome, intermediate and above may enjoy it more. Power tools and hand tools both can be used and a set of micro chisels will be helpful. Basswood rough outs, pictures and an out line will be availiable at a cost of $25-$50. Rough outs include but not limited to a girl, mountian man and several Native Americans. Chris will be giving half day classes each morning and afternoon, some carvers may want to take 2, 1/2 day classes and are more than welcome to do so.
  • Jim O'Dea * Monday Morning - Beginners class how to use a knfe, gouges, ets. Try carving tools you may not have - spoon gouges, fishtail gouges, skew gouges, palm handles and long handles, long bladed knives, detailed knives and curved bladed knives. Hand sharpening and power sharpening techniques. Pros and cons of different woods. Monday Afternoon, Human Face Side Profile in high relief - choice of subjects, Santa, Indian, Fisherman (Tools needed knives, gouges, v-tool. Tuesday all day carve your own Human face study stick. The emphasis of the class will be on the “process”, not the artistic mature of the carving. Students will go home with own Human face study sticks. Wednesday all day Carving Candles with faces or Human Face Side Profiles in high relief.
  • Mike Bloomquist * Cottonwood bark Female Woodspirit face (this class would be for intermediates) also a Kokopelli and Caricature Horse Workshop for beginners ,
  • Jack Miller * Smoothie shorebird, Jack has many blanks of birds and santas. Jack is instrumental in promoting the NEWR. Check out his website. Jacks site
  • Nick Sciortino * Chip Carving,
  • Jim Herb * Cane Making,* twisted blanks available, bring knife, hacksaw blade, riffles, rasps, files,asst. of wrenches, scribers, sandpaper, elmers glue and 3/8inch drill would be helpful.(some tools on site), Jim will also have a spoon workshop along with Mike Smith.
  • George Hallenbeck * Knife Making & Sharpening,
  • Jay Herr/Bob Muller, * Beginners carving and Beginner II workshop this year will be a tag team event with Jay (and help from Bob)starting off with types of wood, properties, hardness and grain, types of carving, tools,safety, types of cuts, how grain interacts with the knife. Then Jay will take them on to carving a simple project with Bob's help. Bob Muller, president of the Cherry Ridge Carvers will also have tool sharpening each morning from 8 - 9 which should be a prerequisite for new carvers.
  • Harold Kaalttenbeck - Santa's, large and small.
  • Ed Otto - Bark Carving
  • Floyd Rhadigan, from Saline Michigan, Caricatures, Floyd is a well know caricature carver and travels extensively teaching. He is featured on the cover of Carving Magazine. Floyd's site
  • Tony Erickson, Cottonwood Bark Houses - Tony & Jim O'Dea had their first Roundup in Florida this year and it was a great success. You can check out Tony's other carvings at Tony's site . You can contact Tony at [email protected]
  • Debbie Dunn - Turtles and Santa * Check out Debbies Web site: Debbies's website
  • Elmer Jumper - a well know carver from Philadelphia will have a workshop on clowns.
  • Linda Murphy - Woodburning workshop one day, bring your burner and also a one day workshop on painting a fish.
  • Bill Richie - Painting on wood and also mixing paints.

    New Workshops for 2005:

  • Dave Andreychek - Relief carving. Dave will hold a beginners class and also and intermediate class. Showing the proper use of the knife, V-tool and gouges, a basic how-to and why on sharpening and stropping, some basic cuts and their use, plus a few basic projects. Dave is president of the Yorkarvers Club. Vist his web site at Dave's site
  • Dolores V. Kramkowski * Woodburning workshops each day. You will need a woodburner with temperature control and good burning tips. Dolores will supply wood and patterns.
  • Harry Leitheiser * Power Carving. Harry will have a beginner and intermediate power carving workshop. You may remember Harry from last year when he demonstrated power carving a flower.
  • Clair Ruch * carving and painting a Mallard Duckling. This will be a two day workshop and may have to finish painting in the evening. Some of you will remember Clair from the R. I. Retreat.
  • George Basehore * Relief Carving. A one day workshop on relief carving a dog.
  • Tools and related wood items.
  • Patrick O'Dea
  • John Dunkle
  • We will have bass wood available at the Roundup


  • Decorating a sun visor
  • Making a gift bag from wall paper.
  • Making a Christmas Snow Flake ornament
  • Line dance instruction,
  • Tin punch,
  • knitting a dish cloth
  • Painting on rocks.