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NEWR 2010 Class Descriptions
Instructors- send your class descriptions and pictures to Jim O'Dea [email protected] for inclusion on this page.

  • Tony Erickson - Bark Mushroom Hobbit House, Tall Hat Tomte or Gnome and Little Houses - Classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

    MONDAY - Bark Mushroom Hobbit House in the Round using two pieces of cottonwood bark. No go by's or patterns are used. Lighting the dwelling will also be discussed. Tools: Traditional hand tools plus a stiff 2" sloyd shaped blade. A 9", 3/4" #2 or #3 and/or a draw knife will be handy for shaping along with a light and bench hook (lap board). $30 per person all materials.

    TUESDAY - Tall Hat Tomte or Gnome using basswood blanks. Samples will be shown. Tools: Traditional hand tools along with a light and bench hook. $30 includes blank.

    WEDNESDAY - Little Houses using basswood blanks. Samples will be shown. These can also be made as night lights. Tools: Traditional hand tools along with a light and bench hook. $20 with 4 small blank, $30 with 9 large blank.

    Although all the projects above are considered one day projects not everyone works at the same pace, therefore, many projects offered as a one day class could take more than the allotted time to complete but, in that time period, you can learn the techniques needed to finish the project at your own pace. If you should want to return for another day, bring a chair and a lapboard and join in the next day's class. Tony only asks that you leave the tables open to the new days class. He is also available at the event at all times for any help you may need.

    Tony hails from Seneca, SC. He attended The Boston School of Architecture, NYI Institute of Photography and later, Foundation College for Graphic Arts in San Diego, CA. Tony instructs at various carving roundups across the USA and contributes articles to Carving Magazines. Tony, along with his wife Lucille and Jim O'Dea, host the Florida Woodcarvers Roundup in central Florida.

  • Dave Andrychek - "Landscape Relief Scene"- Monday and Tuesday. Using a 6" x 6" x 3/4" basswood blank. Dave uses a variety of palm gouges ranging from 1/8" to 1/4", a knife and chip carving knife - but not necessary. 1/2" #3 sweep is used for the roughing out, but a 3/4" sweep will allow the carving to proceed faster. Dave concentrates on the how and why of almost every step so that the carver can go home and create their own relief carving with the basics understood. About an hour of discussion before the tool first touches the wood to establish the basics of his techniques.

    the picture here is representative of his style but he is working on a new scene for this year. click image for larger view.

    See more of Dave's carvings by Clicking here

  • Dolores Kramkowski - "Woodburning" - Monday & Tuesday.
    click image for larger view.

    You will need a woodburner with temperature control and a rounded screw & a bent shade. Dolores will supply wood and the pattern. Everyone will work on the same pattern. Workshop limit 10. Usual time is from 9:00 til 3-3:30, or when finished.

  • Jim Hiser - "Santa bust with the primary focus on the face and beard" 1 day class on Wednesday only carving a bust of Santa. click image for larger view. This project will be from a rough out and carved in the round. The project will focus on the face, hair and beard. With a series of U gouges I will show how to get depth and movement in the beard and hair. The class will use palm tools and a knife. Jim is from the Conewaga Club, East Berlin, Pa

  • John Griscti & Bev Andreycek - Beginning Chip carving - on Tuesday and Wednesday. John & Bev will teach the basics of chip carving. Starting with, identifying the differences between chip carving knifes, and what features are best for the beginner and advanced chip carver. Each student will learn the correct way to hold their knife and will then start carving several basic designs. Each student will then progress to more complex designs such as rosettes, and will then finish with a final project - "A chip carved NEWR coaster". Other topics will be covered throughout the day, such as different ways to finish and stain - applying patterns to the wood - safety - and free form chip carving.

  • John Griscti - Chip carved ornaments - on Thursday. John will teach Chip carved ornaments using the leaf design.
    click image for larger view.
    The leaf design is a combination of traditional chip carving, Free form chip carving, and shallow angle chip carving. The leaf design can be applied to any shape or project, ranging from plates to ornaments. John will teach the basic leaf design and each student will make a "step by step" study board. After that the class will then apply the leaf design to an ornament in the shape of a Christmas Tree.

  • Maura Macaluso - " An Introduction to Classical Carving" - Your choice of classical designs such as grapes and leaves, oak leaf and acorns and possibly an acanthus design. She will have the carvers transfer the design to the wood, which will be basswood or aspen. Classical carving focuses on carving efficiently and safely and making the most of your tools. Maura will discuss and demonstrate with different carving tools and their uses, explain the Sheffield numbering system and will teach some classical carving techniques which include, being ambidextrous, relying on a v-tool and/or veiner, and the right use of the right tool at the right time. Minimum tool requirement: A v-tool , a shallow gouge(#5 med. width gouge). Suggestions are that you bring a good selection of gouges and chisels. Light mallets are welcome. Handouts will be included. Beginners are accepted but will find this class challenging. You can see more of Maura's carvings at her website

  • George Basehore .- George is teaching a basic relief class. George has been carving since 1997 mostly relief carvings of dogs from photographs. Please bring a 1/2 inch carpenters chisel and a wooden mallet as these are his main tools.
    click image for larger view.

  • Jim O'Dea - "Human Face Carving, creating your own study sticks, Face silhouettes and various projects. Jim winters in Florida and Grand Island NY in the summer. Contact Jim at [email protected] with questions.

    Monday -Jim will offer all of his various small projects and help you with them, select from face silhouettes, butternut birds, faceless figures, ornaments (snowman, Santa, etc.).

    Tuesday & Wednesday -Jim will offer a 2 day class "Creating your own Human Face Study Sticks". This class is composed of 2 one day classes, take one day or both days. It is an introduction to face carving for the beginning woodcarver with little or no experience doing human faces. Students will have the opportunity to follow a methodology in developing a human face using just a knife, but where gouges are faster or easier, Jim will show you where your gouges can be used. The emphasis of the class will be on the process, not the artistic nature of the carving. On Tuesday- the basic face layout, carving the Nose and an open Mouth with teeth will be taught. On Wednesday- Carving the Eyes and Ears will be taught. Students will go home with their own Human face study sticks. Material for this workshop is $15.00 each day. See Jim's web site for class details.

    click image for larger view.
    Thursday - Jim will offer all of his various projects and help you with them, select from face silhouettes, ornaments, etc. Also available is a Bellamy Style Eagle - this is a 24 inch wide eagle in a butternut rough out, done in a folk art style made famous by John Bellamy of Kittery Maine in the 1860's. Large tools will be used for this project and Jim has plenty of loaners available. Cost of the Butternut roughout is $25. Also new this year is a "New England" Stylized Eagle with an arrow in it's claws. See Jim's web site for pictures of these projects. Only a few of these eagle blanks will be available, best to pick it up earlier if you want one on Thursday.

  • CARL BORST - "Facial features & hands".- Hand tools are used in his classes.

    Carl Borst lives in Schenectady, N.Y. and began carving in 1991 at the age of 58. His only regret is that he didn't start sooner. He is basically self taught although he did attend three seminars, one with Peter Ortel, one with Dave Sabol and one with Jeff Phares. He has never been one to copy others work or to use patterns from "how to carve books". He encourages his students to be creative and try to get movement in their work and to use photos for their patterns.

    click image for larger view.

    Soon after he started carving he found other carvers who had been at it longer than he, were asking him to help them. This made him realize that he enjoyed teaching also. In 1993 the editor at "Chip Chats" asked him if he would like to contribute his original patterns to the magazine. Since then he has been featured in numerous articles in "Chip Chats", his patterns have been on the back cover three times and most recently, his "Carousel Raccoon" was on the front cover in the 2007 May - June issue. Carl has been teaching at Honesdale every year since we started and gets great satisfaction from helping carvers at all levels. He has been doing seminars and judging various wood carving events around the Northeast, plus he also gives "one on one classes" in his studio and group classes at various clubs. Although he accepts most any kind of commission, he has specialized in the human form both in caricature and realistic focusing on the human head. His caricatures usually tell a story and always lean toward the humorous side. The humor spills over into his classes so be prepared to laugh if you sign up for one of his classes.

  • Mike Bloomquist - Bark Carving, Native American, Flute, and Flat Plan Carving- Mike will be teaching Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Also, Sunday Night I'll do a painting demo with artist oils and MinWax "Natural" Stain.

    Again this year I'm going to dedicate Monday to carving Native American Style Flutes from river cane (bamboo). This is going to be a new, "first time" offering for me, so I'm limiting the class to eight students and allowing for a full day. If I have students finish by noon then I'll rotate some new students in. Only a sharp knife is required, but please bring long handled gouges and flat carpenters chisels if you have them. All other tools will be provided. The flute "kits" will be $25, and will consist of a piece of river cane, a large rubber band, and a totem block (from a variety of different styles). Leather wraps and ornamentation will be up to the student after the class. At least one Native American story will be told... possibly more... you have been warned -G-. This will be beginnermediate level at least. <

    click image for larger view.

    Tuesday will be my traditional Wood-spirit-carved-from-cottonwood-bark class (full day). A knife, a v-tool, and an assortment of gouges are required. Minimum level: Intermediate. Cottonwood pieces will vary from $12 to $20 depending on size. After noon that day, I will sell my stock to non-students who need bark.

    Wednesday will be a Flat-Plane Potpourri (full day)of Scandinavian flat plane projects. Several different small basswood figures in Mike's normal Adirondack style as a well as his evil Swedish Good Luck Trolls will be available at different levels of difficulty (beginner to intermediate). Blanks will be from $5-$15 depending on complexity and "accessories". Some beginner kits consisting of a Flexcut KN13 knife, a strop, and sharpening compound will be available at $35 apiece.

    See more of Mike's carvings by Clicking here

  • Jim Sebring - "Tramp Art" - Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday. Jim will have a large collection of his Tramp Art. Carving experience can range from beginner to advanced. There will be a limit of 12 students.

    click image for larger view.

  • ARLAND ZIELER .- Monday will be a class for the very beginner -"Fundamentals of Woodcarving" which covers how to use the tools, safety, different woods etc. This class will run from 9-12 and repeat 1-4. A small project will be done during the class and the morning class is welcome to return and continue the project in the afternoon if desired.

    Arland will be doing soap carving with the kids )

    click image for larger view.

  • Nick Sciortino - " Chip Carving intermediate and advanced" - Nick will have a chip carving workshop for intermediate and advanced carvers.
    click image for larger view.

  • HELEN F. IOBST .- Alpine Relief Carving -you will carve and paint your project, all materials furnished. Max 10 students. Herlene is a member of the Cherry Ridge Carvers and a talented artist.

  • Pete LeClair - Caricature - Pete will be doing a 2 day class Monday and Tuesday carving "Cletus the cowboy" bottle stopper size head. The body for this project will be provided but not carved. You will get a CD on carving the body and entire project, material cost $25. On Wednesday Pete will do a 1 day doing "Mr Scraps" - these are smaller heads done from basswood blanks. There are a number of faces you could do such as the sea captain pictured. Materials and CD for this class $15.

    Pete, a resident of Gardner, Massachusetts, has been carving since 1973 and began showing his work in 1990. In 1994 Pete won Best of Show at the Susquehanna Decoy and Woodcarving Show in Pennsylvania, and is a two time Texas Whittling Champion in the open competition!

    "Pete" picture not yet available"Cletus" picture not yet available"Mr. Scraps- Sea Captain" picture not yet available

    Pete, a resident of Gardner, Massachusetts, has been carving since 1973 and began showing his work in 1990. In 1994 Pete won Best of Show at the Susquehanna Decoy and Woodcarving Show in Pennsylvania, and is a two time Texas Whittling Champion in the open competition! See more about Pete LeClair and his woodcarvings

    Pete teaches in a very structured manner, step by step. Thus to get the full benefit of the class students must be there at the start and stay thru the end of the class.

    Pete recommends (but not required) : #9 sweep -5mm (Swiss gouge); #11-3mm (Swiss gouge); #9-3/8" (Harmen or Ramulson gouge); #7-1/2" (Harmen or Ramulson gouge).Pete will have several extras of these recommended gouges with him for the students to use during the class

    Pete is a member of the prestigious Caricature Carvers of America. He was inducted into CCA in September 1994. He now teaches seminars throughout the country and recently taught and lectured in the UK and Australia. He is the author of three books. Carving Caricature Heads & Faces, Carving Caricature Figures from Scratch and "Carving A Caricature Bust". Pete also contributed to the book Carving the Full Moon Saloon and Carving the Circus. You can see Pete's books at here on Amazon Books

  • Harold Kaltenbach - Bark Houses"
    click image for larger view.

    More about Harold at his web site

  • George Hallenbeck - Knife making and sharpening- George will be teaching on 3 days.
     picture not yet available

  • Bill Peoples .-Carving a Gourd

  • Mary Wienhimer - "Kohlrosing" - class specifics when available.

  • Robert Muller - Sharpening class -sharpening each morning 8 a.m.

  • Robert Muller - Carving Gold Balls

  • Terry Mansfield - "Carving Canes"

  • Joan Leach - "to be determined"

  • Jack Miller - "Shore Birds"- all 4 days
    click image for larger view.

  • Sheila Mansfield. - "to be determined"

  • Ted Morrison - "Carving a small bird" -

  • Harry Leitheiser - "Power carving " -

  • Dennis Thorton - "Caricatures"

  • Don Swartz - "Carve and Paint a rooster " a 2 day workshop workshop will be Mon. & Tues. Don is from Lancaster, PA

  • Linda Murphy - "Carve a Whimsical Cat" Workshop will be on Wednesday only.

  • Bill Martin - "Skrimshaw" - Wed. & Thurs - one day classes, bring a magnifier and a light

  • Paul Thomas - "Carve a shoe house" one day class on Monday. Paul is from Lancaster,PA

  • Don Dearolf - "caricatures" .Cancelled due to health.

  • ED OTTO - "Bark Carving".- Cancelled due to health. Ed Otto was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio and has lived in Carlisle PA since 1993. He began carving in 1994. While Ed has carved a variety of different things, he enjoys carving human figures the most.

     picture not yet available

    Ed studied under many nationally known carvers including Vic Hood, Pete Ortel, John Burke, and Jeff Phares. He won Best of Show honors in the 2001 and 2005 Conewago Carvers annual show as well as the West Shore Carvers 2001 show. Ed also teaches seminars on carving Native American Indians, wood spirits and gnome houses.

  • Nick W. Sciortino - cancelled due to health - Yes there are two "Nick Sciortino's".
    click image for larger view.

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