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2013 Northeast Woodcarvers Roundup Report
Sat Jul 27, 2013 Posted by: "Robert Muller"

The chips have settled and the laughter is gone, but the memories will go on, along with the stories. The Northeast Woodcarvers Roundup has wrapped up for 2013.

We had 244 participants in attendance this year. That is up slightly from last year. They were from fourteen states and one Canadian province.

There were 26 Instructors teaching in excess of 40 workshops over the four days of carving.

There were workshops on caricature carving, relief carving, waterfowl and birds, woodburning, chip carving, bark carving of houses and faces. We also had classes in airbrushing and marquetry.

The event had some interesting moments, especially when the power went out just before the auction on Monday night. The organizers persevered and continued with the auction, with the help of a generator and some active bidding.

Tuesday nights Ice Cream Social was well received, but then who doesn't like ice cream. There were hundreds of completed carvings displayed during the Show and Tell. The creativity and craftsmanship is amazing to see.

Wednesday afternoon numerous prizes were given out. The prizes were donated from various businesses and attending woodcarvers. Thanks to everyone that participated.

This groups generosity was again witnessed Wednesday afternoon. One of the attendees works with several missions and the most recent was to supply water filtration to a village in Nepal. One system cost $104.00, The Northeast Woodcarvers attendees provided enough funding for at least six filtration systems.

Wednesday evening was our annual potluck supper where food and stories were shared. The fun event for the evening was the ball race. This event is where a square block is carved into a round ball. Sounds simple doesn't it. Well, then comes the race. Each participant then races there ball down a sloped track. There was much laughter and excitement at Cherry Ridge Raceway.

Planning has already started for the 2014 Northeast Woodcarvers Roundup, July 20 to 24th, so mark your calendars.

Don't forget about the Fall Carve In, September 27 to 29, 2013 at Cherry Ridge Campsites. Starts at Noon on Friday the 27th and ends around 3:00 PM on Sunday.

I would like to thank the instructors for their interest and energy in teaching woodcarving to others. Without their interest the Northeast Woodcarvers Roundup would not be possible.

I would also like to extend a thanks to all the members of the Cherry Ridge Carvers Club for their help. This is an event that wouldn't happen without the help of many hands.

See you at the Fall Carve In or at the 2014 Northeast Woodcarvers Roundup.

Bob Muller

Coordinator Northeast Woodcarvers Roundup
President Cherry Ridge Carvers

NEWR 2013 Class Descriptions
This is what was planned but not necessarily what happened.

  • John Poole - Caricatures and Faces teaching Tuesday Only
    Monday - small caricature figure in 2 parts- no beginners please , class size 8 max
    Tuesday - Carving Faces- Students will chose their individual project - Could complete yesterday's project - Various teaching exercise available for the elements of the face. Will accept beginners here.

  • Len Hill - Caricature Carving Heads teaching Monday thru Thursday - I will be teaching 3 head blocks from scratch. one head block gives the carver 3 different positions to chose from in carving the face. Another block gives you 4 different positions to chose from in positions in carving the face. The final head block gives you 12 different positions to chose from. Block size is 4.5"x 1.5" x 1.5". Knife is all that is required. To carve the head blocks and make a complete face may take 2 days -depends on the ability of the carvers. If I have one day per group I would do the head block with the most choices.

    Len started caving in 1999 with the New England Woodcarver's Club (NEWC) and Pete LeClair's Central Mass. Caricature Carvers club. In 1999 at the North East Woodcarving and Wildlife Art Exposition in CT he was a member of the World Club Championship team - a team effort involving a scene carved by members of 1 club. Len also won First in class, Best in class and Best in show novice division. In the 2005 CCA National Caricature Carving Competition Len won First place in the group carving mixed subject and third Best of Show. He has also taught carving classes for the NEWC meetings since 2005 to present.

  • Herlene Iobst - Alpine Relief Carving teaching Monday thru Thursday - Alpine subjects are the main thing, but a student may choose his or her own subject, you will carve and paint your project, all materials furnished, all skill levels are accepted. Ten students are good, but sometimes we can squeeze in another.

    The class is at least a two day project. If you have tools, great, but there are always tools you can borrow. Students will also learn to paint their carvings. Paint and brushes are included. Each student can choose their own scene, and I can help to draw it for them. Wood is available in various sizes. Painting and or staining will be included to finish each project. All paint and brushes needed will be included. The project will be tailored to the individual. Students could use a set of relief tools, but some will be available for loan.

    Herlene attended Baum Art school as a teenager, but never carved until 2003. She quickly became interested in German Alp scenery, having seen this relief style of carving while visiting Germany. She took it on as a challenge from a friend, and discovered that she had a natural God given talent to carve. Herlene's teaching method is geared for simplicity. "God has given me a wonderful gift, and I like to share it! Looking forward to seeing you all there!" She is a member of the Cherry Ridge Carvers and a talented artist.

  • John Griscti - Chip Carving -Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday- & Thursday
    John will teach only beginner Students on Monday and then on Tuesday through Thursday he will teach both beginners and more advanced students.

    Beginner students will start with identifying the differences between chip carving knifes, and what features are best for the beginner and advanced chip carver. Each student will learn the correct way to hold their knife and will then start carving several basic designs. Each student will then progress to more complex designs such as rosettes, and will then finish with a final project - "A chip carved NEWR coaster". Other topics will be covered throughout the day, such as different ways to finish and stain - applying patterns to the wood - safety - and free form chip carving.

    Advanced students on Tuesday through Thursday may select one of Johns several projects such as the wine bottle holder, ornaments, clock and trivets. Another option is to bring your own project to carve on.
    Tuesday - Thursdays advanced projects - click images for a larger view This will hold a full bottle of wine. It looks impossible, but the bottle and stand are balanced giving the illusion that the bottle is floating. Students must have basic chip carving experience and a chip carving knife.

    John will work in rotation through all the students be they beginners or advanced students, helping each with their project to the extent they need help. In general, the beginner students are expected to need more help than the advanced students

  • Mike Bloomquist - N.A. Flutes from River Cane, Woodspirits, Scandinavian Flat Plane - Mike will be teaching Monday and Tuesday only.

    Carving Native American Style Flutes from river cane (bamboo). - This is a night Class which will start Sunday & finish Tuesday Evening evening (one class). Only a sharp knife is required, but please bring long handled gouges and flat carpenters chisels if you have them. All other tools will be provided. The flute "kits" will be $35, and will consist of a piece of river cane, a large rubber band, and a totem block (from a variety of different styles). Leather wraps and ornamentation will be up to the student after the class. At least one Native American story will be told... possibly more... you have been warned -G-. This will be beginnermediate level at least. Max 6 students. <

    click image for larger view.

    Monday all day You will learn how to coax out a Woodspirit from a piece of cottonwood bark. The steps for carving a woodspirit face can used later on other projects such as walking sticks. This is a intermediate course and will require a set of medium size tools; A knife, v-tool, several sweeps of gouges. Prices for the cottonwood bark will range from $10 - $30 depending on size and "geography". Max 10 Students

    Tuesday all day Scandinavian Flat Plane Carving - Mrs. Claus- Featured this year will be a Mrs. Claus that matches the Smilin Eyes Santa that was in Carving magazine. Learn to carve a female caricature... knife only. Carve her before she's in this year's Holiday issue of Carving and then brag to your friends . Other flat plane projects, beginners and up, will be available. Blank prices will range from $5-$25. Max 10 students

    See more of Mike's carvings by Clicking here

    Mike Bloomquist began carving in 1985 making fishing lures from shelving lumber. Later, in the early 90s, after failed attempts carving a wood duck and a draft horse, he learned how to "really" sharpen tools from a Rick Butz video. Sharp tools turned out to be the key to more successful carvings and for really enjoying the art of woodcarving. A second milestone came in 1994 when he attended a woodcarving show sponsored by the Mohawk Valley Art and Woodcarving Assoc. Inspired by the variety and level of talent, woodcarving reached "addiction" level for him that year, and it now serves as an excellent example of a hobby gone horribly out of control.

    While Mike started out in the Scandinavian Flat Plane style of woodcarving, his skills now encompass several forms including wildlife, folk art, fantasy, in-the-round, and relief. His pieces have been "adopted" for collections in Canada, England, Germany, Iceland, and across the United States.

  • Carl Borst "Humpty Dumpty" egg with expression - Monday and Tuesday - each will be a 1 day class doing "Humpty Dumpty" egg with expression. Project for Wednesday undecided.

    click image for larger view.

    Carl has been coming to Honesdale every year since it started. He has been teaching and judging carving events around the Northeast for many years. He has also been a contributor to Chip Chats since the mid 90's. Currently he has been teaching at the Rhode Island and the Lake Placid woodcarving retreats. His specialty is human head and figure both in caricature and realistic, although he has a well rounded variety of projects from full sized Carousel animals to very small novelty subjects. There will always be laughter in and around his classes as he believes that we should have fun while we learn about the craft that we love.

  • Jim O'Dea "Human Face Carving, creating your own study sticks, Face silhouettes and various projects."

    Monday & Tuesday -Jim will offer a 2 day class "Creating your own Human Face Study Sticks". This class is composed of 2 one day classes, take one day or both days. It is an introduction to face carving for the beginning woodcarver with little or no experience doing human faces. Students will have the opportunity to follow a methodology in developing a human face using just a knife, but where gouges are faster or easier, Jim will show you where your gouges can be used. The emphasis of the class will be on the process, not the artistic nature of the carving. Materials including a CD with study stick pictures and notes for this workshop is $18.00 each day. See Jim's web site for class details.

    click image for larger view.

    Monday: the class will be carving the basic face layout in the morning and in the afternoon an open mouth with lower teeth showing- Instructional Fees and material total $18. This is a one day class and as it is a step-by-step teaching technique, you must be there at 9 am to start the class. You will complete a basic face stick with an open mouth upon which you can later add eyes and ears which you will learn in the next days class. This class will be offered on Monday.

    Tuesday the class will be carving an Eye stick in the morning and an Ear stick in the afternoon- Instructional Fees and material fees total $18. This is a one day class and as it is a step-by-step teaching technique, you must be there at 9 am to start the class. You will complete both an eye stick and an ear stick in one day. This class will be offered on Tuesday only.

    Wednesday - Jim will offer all of his various blanks and help you with them. This is NOT step by step so arrive anytime and select from face silhouettes, ornaments, etc. blank costs from $2 to $12. Also available is a Bellamy Style Eagle - this is a 26 inch wide eagle in a butternut rough out, done in a folk art style made famous by John Bellamy of Kittery Maine in the 1860's. Large tools will be used for this project and Jim has plenty of loaners available. This Eagle won't be completed in one day, but you will get to do all the hard parts such that you can finish it at home. Cost of the Butternut roughout is $28. Also a "New England" Stylized Eagle with an arrow in it's claws - Butternut roughout is $20. Both style eagles are made to hang flat against the wall. The intention is for the bird to be oiled and if a flag is included on the piece it would be painted. See examples of the eagles from other classes here.

    Jim O'Dea spends summers on Grand Island, NY and lives in Rotonda West, FL. Jim has 37 years experience carving human caricatures, carousel horses, realistic freshwater fish, and whales. He has taught woodcarving for 17 years, including evening courses at Ledyard High School, Ledyard CT, weekend classes at the New England Carousel Museum in Mystic, CT; the New England Woodcarvers Retreat held in Rhode Island; the NorthEast Woodcarvers Roundup in Honesdale,PA, The Michigan Woodcarvers Roundup at Evart, MI, the Indiana Woodcarvers Summer Camp, The Buckeye Woodcarvers roundup in Ohio, and numerous classes for the Mystic Carvers Club in Mystic, CT, Rainbow Woodcarvers Club in Niagara Falls, NY; the Southtowns Woodcarvers Club in Hamburg, NY; the Peace River Carvers Club in Arcadia, FL; the Myakka River Carvers Club in El Jobean, Fl, and the North Port Woodcarvers in Northport, FL. Contact Jim at [email protected] with questions.

  • Harold Kaltenbach - Bark Houses" all 4 days. To all my classes please bring all your tools, no tool to big or too small and have a open mind to think out side the box. Class size max 14.

    At this time I don't have a set day on what size home will be on which day, check the schedule when you arrive. I will teach single peice bark homes and double piece bark homes. be on which day. I will teach single piece bark homes and double piece bark homes. Tools needed students should bring all tools they have. I will teach them how to create a Whimsical Home from a blank of bark, will talk about adding colors to their carved piece

    click image for larger view.

    More about Harold at his web site

  • Jody Sebring - "2 different Santa's" - Teaching on 2 days - check the schedule when you arrive.

  • Jim Hiser - -Old World Santa Class and a Scare Crow with an attitudeMonday & Tuesday. Maximum number of students per day 10.

    Old World Santa Class from a rough out. This will be a 1 day class using primarily a knife and palm tools. Cost is $15 for the rough out. All level of carvers welcome. click for larger view

    Scare Crow with an attitude. Class from a rough out. This is a 1 day class using a knife and palm tools. Cost is $15 and all levels of carvers are welcome.

    The class will use palm tools and a knife. Jim is from Carlisle Pa. and has been carving for 12 years enjoying caricature carving. He teaches several classes a year in the South Central Pa. area.

  • George Basehore - "Basic skills, Pocket knife " - George will be teaching on 2 days only- check the schedule when you arrive for the specific days. Tools needed: pocket knife

    click for larger view

    George Basehore is a self described "Old Fart". I carved my first piece, a relief carving of my dog, in 1997. Working with nothing but a 1/2 inch wood chisel a hammer, and an old pine board. Since I can't draw bath water, I do all my layout work, from photos, on my computer. I have been attending NEWR since its inception, and have been teaching since 2005. My wood chisel is still my favorite tool. I still love relief carving, but am doing more carving in the round since coming to Cherry Ridge.

    I began doing walking sticks in 2001, and as a member of the American National Cane Club, am actively involved in our Canes for Vets program. We take applications from Vets needing a cane, and make the cane to their required size, and personalize it for them. To view examples of the Canes for Vets, as well as some of my own work, go to our websitehere . To date we have delivered more than eighty canes to Veterans of WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, and the Gulf war.

  • Eva Hoefele - Woodburning-There will be classes Monday through Thursday. We will be using the one temperature Woodburning pen (which will be available for use during the class) that is easy to learn and handle. We will be using Basswood plaques, Basswood Country Rounds or Basswood Planks, priced from $15 - $25, depending on the size. I have a wide variety of patterns to choose from, so there should be something to everybody's liking. You will make your selection when you sign up. Class size is limited to 12 students per day.

  • Tony Erickson - Pipe Smoking Old Man in Cottonwood Bark Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Tony will be teaching an original Pipe Smoking Old Man, aka;woodspirit, in cottonwood bark. You will receive a pre-formed roughout, pipe parts, use of paint and polyurethane spray, use of inks and brushes. Tony will also have tools on hand so that you can leave with a completed project all for the cost of $40.

    This class is open to a total of 24 carvers over the 4 days as that is how many roughouts he has.

    Tools and supplies to bring are Locktight Professional Superglue, white paint and traditional carving tools. Bring what you can, I got the rest. Also bring jokes n' stories to tell along with a boatload of smiles and laughs. Bragging points,

    See more of Tony's carvingshere.

    Tony has been carving for many years and on the teaching trail for the past 13 and associated with the NEWR since it's beginning. He has authored two self published books and numerous magazine articles on woodcarving and taught at many clubs and woodcarving events throughout the USA. He resides in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Seneca, SC. He attended The Boston School of Architecture, NYI Institute of Photography and later, Foundation College for Graphic Arts in San Diego, CA.

  • Charles Brainard - Marquetry Monday and Tuesday. Charles, a member of The Garden State Marquetry Society, will be giving a course on simple Marquetry. Marquetry is the art of using wood veneer to create a picture.

    In this course you will be learning the hinge method. You will select a print to work from, select the wood veneer and learn how to position the wood veneer to get the results you are looking for. Students should be able to complete their projects in the one day course.

    Minimum age of students would be 15 because they would be using an Xacto knife and using it very close to their fingers.

    My self: I am a retired carpenter (33 yr.) so I have been able to apply a lot of my knowledge of that into my Marquetry. I also have a strong love of animals so I do a lot of Marquetry of them. As for Marquetry, I started about 5 years ago when I joined the Garden State Marquetry Society. I enjoy working with wood and seem to be doing quite well and have become good at it. I have done some work from plans we have at our club. I also have done work from pictures I have taken, calendars, and post cards. I have also done presentations on how to do Marquetry at our club for the last three years.

    I would like to keep the number of students between 8 and 12 per session.

    I have several different projects to work on : for beginners there are tulips , ducks, or dolphins. For the more advanced I have: other see attached pictures

    Items needed by students;
    Item (1) Self Healing Cutting Mat 18" x 24".
    Item (2) X-ACTO X2000 Precision Knife. This is a knife with a big handle, so, if you have a smaller hand you can buy or bring a smaller handled one.
    Note: All items can be bought On-Line, or stores such as AC Moore, Office Depot, Staples, Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, or Jo-Ann Fabrics.

  • Don Swartz - various figures Don will be teaching Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

    Monday - Scottish Santa 4-5" tall

    Tuesday - Sitting Pig - 6" tall

    Wednesday - Morning only - Wacky Whistle

    Don is from Lancaster, PA. He has been a carver for 31 years, have taught numerous classes (incl Roundup in July, 2010), author with rooster on Spring 2012 # 58 issue of Carving Illustrated Magazine, and is the owner of Hillcrest Carving - a tool and supply business.

  • Tony Manteneri Carving a Bluegill and airbrushing it Tony will be doing a Bluegill carving and airbrushing the carving as a project, check the schedule when you arrive for days he will be teaching

    Check his facebook (Tony.Manteneri ) and you can see that he has been working on the sample he will use. Contact Tony at [email protected] with questions.

  • Jack Miller - Birds: Downy Woodpecker, Cedar Waxwin, and a Western Sandpiper check the schedule when you arrive for days he will be teaching.

    click image for larger view.

    Jack will be bringing blanks for a carving of a downy woodpecker and a cedar waxwing. These are both full-sized songbirds and I will teach carving them as smoothies. I also plan to bring blanks for a western sandpiper, that can be carved as a smoothie or have all the feathers carved/burned. Each of these birds will have the feet and legs made by the carver. The feet will be made from copper wire and soldered with a butane torch and carved with a dremel bit and finished with epoxie putty. Of course, he will have tools and a bunch of reference books on birds and carving them for sale.

  • Arland Zeller - Beginner Woodcarving - Monday only

  • Don Dearolf - Figures Don will be teaching Monday and Tuesday. His class will call on your creative side. Each student will receive the same blank from which you can carve up to three different figures. Don will help you through the steps of seeing your carving to a different finished carving.g.

    Don Dearoff is from Lancaster County PA and is a member of the Lancaster County Woodcarvers and has provided classes at events in throughout that area. Don has provided instruction at the NEWR for several years and has published an instructional article in Woodcarving Illustrated.

  • Carl Milks-- Carve and assemble a Kaliedoscope. Teaching on Wednesday only. Use chip carving or other carving techniques to decorate your own kaliedescope.

  • Mary Weinheimer - Characters in Relief plus Soapstone Carving Teaching all 4 days.
    In addition to her line of caricatures and pretty practical items and tools, Mary has added a line of characters in relief. The new line includes animals and humans. This includes pirates, a gibson girl, a skating frog, a pig, and a dog with dentures.

    Mary will also have soapstone for carving. Animals and pendants or ornaments that can be carved in a few hours!. Join her for a day an evening or just for a few hours for some fun and exciting carving.

  • Bill Peoples - project unknown check the schedule when you arrive for days he will be teaching

  • Paul Thomas - project unknown check the schedule when you arrive for days he will be teaching

  • Pete LeClair - Caricatures
    Monday - Pete will teach a one day class doing "Mr Scraps" - - these are smaller heads done from basswood blanks. These are a new Mr Scraps - different than previous years NO painting but CD you get will have painting instructions. Materials $25 a day.

    Tuesday and Wednesday - a 2 day class carving a Bottle stopper head, the specific character is still not decided. NO painting but CD with picture of project you get will have painting instructions. Materials $50 for this 2 day class.

    Thursday - Pete will teach a one day class on carving the face off a corner of the block similar to that pictured here. NO painting but CD with picture of all projects you get will have painting instruction. Materials $25 a day

    Click to see more of Pete LeClair's carvings here.

    click image for larger view

    Pete, a resident of Gardner, Massachusetts, has been carving since 1973 and began showing his work in 1990. In 1994 Pete won Best of Show at the Susquehanna Decoy and Woodcarving Show in Pennsylvania, and is a two time Texas Whittling Champion in the open competition! See more about Pete LeClair and his woodcarvings.

    Pete has a painting video on YouTube click here.

    Pete teaches in a very structured manner, step by step. Thus to get the full benefit of the class students must be there at the start and stay thru the end of the class.

    Pete recommends (but not required) : #9 sweep -5mm (Swiss gouge); #11-3mm (Swiss gouge); #9-3/8" (Harmen or Ramulson gouge); #7-1/2" (Harmen or Ramulson gouge).Pete will have several extras of these recommended gouges with him for the students to use during the class

    Pete is a member of the prestigious Caricature Carvers of America. He was inducted into CCA in September 1994. He now teaches seminars throughout the country and recently taught and lectured in the UK and Australia. He is the author of three books. Carving Caricature Heads & Faces, Carving Caricature Figures from Scratch and "Carving A Caricature Bust". Pete also contributed to the book Carving the Full Moon Saloon and Carving the Circus. You can see Pete's books at here on Amazon Books

  • Bob Muller - Sharpening each morning.

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