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NEWR 2017 Class Descriptions

  • Leon Standish will be available once again to sharpen your tools during the Roundup.

  • Arland Zeiler and Carl Milks – Beginner Woodcarving - Offered -Monday only.

    Arland and Carl will be teaching techniques for the beginning woodcarver. Students will be using a knife only. They will learn the characteristics of wood and different terms related to woodcarving. This is an excellent class for those that wish to learn woodcarving.

  • Joan Lech - "Carving a Loon or Goose using golf club blank." teaching Monday & Tuesday same project both days. Max of 8 students per day

    click image for larger view

    Class is $10.00 and includes blank, paint, eyes and all materials to complete the project in a day.
    Tools needed are knife and small gouges and bring paint brushes to paint .

  • Eva Hoefele - Woodburning Eva will teach Woodburning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    In the Woodburning class, you will be using the one temperature woodburning pen (provided) that is easy to learn and handle. There are a variety of patterns to choose from, so there should be something to everybody's liking. Some projects can be painted. Prices range from $20-$25. Class size is limited to 12 students per day. Eva will only be doing Leatherwork at the FALL CARVE-IN

  • John Griscti - Chip Carving -Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday- & Thursday
    John will teach only beginner Students on Monday and then on Tuesday through Thursday he will teach both beginners and more advanced students.

    Beginner students will start with identifying the differences between chip carving knifes, and what features are best for the beginner and advanced chip carver. Each student will learn the correct way to hold their knife and will then start carving several basic designs. Each student will then progress to more complex designs such as rosettes, and will then finish with a final project - "A chip carved NEWR coaster". Other topics will be covered throughout the day, such as different ways to finish and stain - applying patterns to the wood - safety - and free form chip carving.

    Advanced students on Tuesday through Thursday may select one of Johns several projects such as the wine bottle holder, ornaments, clock and trivets. Another option is to bring your own project to carve on.
    Tuesday - Thursdays advanced projects - click images for a larger view This will hold a full bottle of wine. It looks impossible, but the bottle and stand are balanced giving the illusion that the bottle is floating. Students must have basic chip carving experience and a chip carving knife.

    John will work in rotation through all the students be they beginners or advanced students, helping each with their project to the extent they need help. In general, the beginner students are expected to need more help than the advanced students

  • Jim O'Dea "Human Face Carving,Carving Small Characters, and Carving a "Peek-Boo Santa tree."

    Monday - Jim will offer all of his various blanks and help you with any of them. This is NOT step by step so arrive anytime and select from face silhouettes, ornaments, etc. blank costs from $2 to $12.
    Also available is a Bellamy Style Eagle - this is a 26 inch wide eagle in a butternut rough out, done in a folk art style made famous by John Bellamy of Kittery Maine in the 1860's. Large tools will be used for this project and Jim has plenty of loaners available. Also a "New England" Stylized Eagle with an arrow in it's claws - Butternut roughout is $20. Both style eagles are made to hang flat against the wall. The intention is for the bird to be oiled and if a flag is included on the piece it would be painted. See examples of the eagles from other classes here.
    Another of the many options on Monday would be the "Peek-a-Boo Santa/Tree". This is a full figure Christmas tree with a Santa face peering out the bottom portion of it. It measure about 2.25 inch by 2.25 inch by 10 inch high out of Basswood. Blank cost is $12

    Tuesday & Wednesday -Jim will offer a 2 day class "Creating your own Human Face Study Sticks". This class is composed of 2 one day classes, take one day or both days. It is an introduction to face carving for the beginning woodcarver with little or no experience doing human faces. Students will have the opportunity to follow a methodology in developing a human face using just a knife, but where gouges are faster or easier, Jim will show you where your gouges can be used. The emphasis of the class will be on the process, not the artistic nature of the carving. Materials including a CD with study stick pictures and notes for this workshop is $18.00 each day. See Jim's web site for class details.

    click image for larger view.

    Tuesday: the class will be carving the basic face layout in the morning and in the afternoon an open mouth with lower teeth showing- Instructional Fees and material total $18. This is a one day class and as it is a step-by-step teaching technique, you must be there at 9 am to start the class. You will complete a basic face stick with an open mouth upon which you can later add eyes and ears which you will learn in the next days class. This class will be offered on Monday.

    These are 2 of the 4 study sticks you will create click images for larger view

    Wednesday the class will be carving an Eye stick in the morning and an Ear stick in the afternoon- Instructional Fees and material fees total $18. This is a one day class and as it is a step-by-step teaching technique, you must be there at 9 am to start the class. You will complete both an eye stick and an ear stick in one day. This class will be offered on Tuesday only.

    Thursday - Jim will offer all of his various blanks and help you with any of them. This is NOT step by step so arrive anytime and select from face silhouettes, ornaments, etc. blank costs from $2 to $12.

    Jim O'Dea has 42 years experience carving human caricatures, carousel horses, realistic freshwater fish, whales and many other subjects. During this period he has studied woodcarving with several master wood sculptors across the USA and Canada. Jim has taught woodcarving for 19 years, including evening courses at Ledyard High School, Ledyard CT; weekend classes at the New England Carousel Museum in Mystic, CT; the New England Woodcarvers Retreat at the University of Rhode Island; the Florida Woodcarvers Roundup, Clearwater, FL; the Lake Placid Woodcarving Experience at Lake Placid, NY; the NorthEast Woodcarvers Roundup in Honesdale, PA; The Michigan Woodcarvers Roundup at Evart, MI; the Indiana Woodcarvers Summer Camp,Bremen, IN; The Buckeye Woodcarvers roundup at Fletcher, Ohio; and numerous classes for the Mystic Carvers Club in Mystic, CT, Rainbow Woodcarvers Club in Niagara Falls, NY; the Southtowns Woodcarvers Club in Hamburg, NY; the Peace River Carvers Club in Arcadia, FL; the Myakka River Carvers Club in El Jobean, Fl, and the North Port Woodcarvers in Northport, FL. Jim lives in Rotonda West, FL and spends summers on Grand Island, NY. See Jim's web site with useful information to those pursuing woodcarving as a hobby here.

    Pete LeClair - Caricatures - "Bust on the Corner" Pete will be teaching 4 one day classes on all 4 days doing what he calls a "Bust on the Corner" - a different Bust each day. Material Cost of each class is $25. Bring your own memory stick and Pete will download a bunch of projects for you.

    Below are typical Busts on a Corner that Pete does
    click image for larger view click image for larger view

    Click to see more of Pete LeClair's carvings here.

    Pete, a resident of Gardner, Massachusetts, has been carving since 1973 and began showing his work in 1990. In 1994 Pete won Best of Show at the Susquehanna Decoy and Woodcarving Show in Pennsylvania, and is a two time Texas Whittling Champion in the open competition! See more about Pete LeClair and his woodcarvings.

    Pete has a painting video on YouTube click here.

    Pete teaches in a very structured manner, step by step. Thus to get the full benefit of the class students must be there at the start and stay thru the end of the class.

    Pete recommends (but not required) tools such as Ozark Country Craft Tools (OCCT- Mike Shippley) or Ramelson: #7 sweep 3/8" and 1/2" #9 sweep 3/8" and 1/2"; #11-4mm and 6mm by OCCT; , 5/8 soft V by OCCT, 5/16 and Mini V by OCCT, the 2 1/4 OCCT Knife and a modified Murphy knife. Also #9 sweep -5mm (Swiss gouge); #11-3mm (Swiss gouge); Pete will have several extras of these recommended gouges with him for the students to use during the class or purchase.

    Pete is a member of the prestigious Caricature Carvers of America. He was inducted into CCA in September 1994. He now teaches seminars throughout the country and recently taught and lectured in the UK and Australia. He is the author of three books. Carving Caricature Heads & Faces, Carving Caricature Figures from Scratch and "Carving A Caricature Bust". Pete also contributed to the book Carving the Full Moon Saloon and Carving the Circus. You can see Pete's books at here on Amazon Books

  • Julie Smith - Chip Carved Walking Stick and Trivet I'll be doing the classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and will be available if anyone wants to sit with me on Thursday with questions or to finish there project. Carvers will need to bring their own chip carving knives as well as a 1/2" wide gouges for the walking stick (tools are available to purchase from vendors at the NEWR). I will supply the rulers, pencils, and patterns for sticks and trivets or they can design there own. Blanks will be available at the Roundup. Trivets for purchase, 6" $8. - 8" $10. & 10" $12. Or all three for $25.00. Walking sticks with practice stick will be available. These are 1 1/4 square 5' long at $15.00.

    I will sit with anyone wanting to learn chip carving. It's a fascinating art that can be incorporated in any kind of carving. Come check it out, it might be something you'd like to learn. 5 students max

    The below are some of the designs on walking sticks and Trivits that I have done.
    Click on image for larger view I have been carving for 6 1/2 years. My husband got me interested in carving. At first I really didn't have any interest in carving. Then I came to one of the Roundups at Cherry Ridge and saw what everyone was doing. Everything I saw, I was amazed at what people were doing. Then I meet Terry Mansfield. I was interested in what he was doing. I took my first class with Terry that year. I became very interested in walking sticks. I enjoy coming up with my own designs and seeing how they turn out. Now I am also doing Trivets where I am also creating my own designs.

  • Bob Hershey- Caricature Animals and Christmas Tree Ornaments Bob is teaching Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

    I will be doing caricature animals, a bunny and a raccoon, and Christmas tree ornaments each day, students choice. If the student wishes to do the bunny or raccoon (roughouts $20 to$25) they will need to spend two days with me to make significant progress. They can pick which days. For students not wishing to do this large a project I will have Christmas tree ornaments (cutouts $5) with an animal twist. The ornaments are one day projects. Painting will be on your own. A knife and palm tools are all you need. Class limited to ten.

    Wednesday, we’ll do a Halloween or Christmas theme house in cottonwood bark. Palm tools and if you have a large gouge and large v-tool, it would be handy. Painting will be done on your own. Cottonwood bark cost will vary depending on size but should be in the $20 to $35 range. Limit 10 students per class.

    Bob started carving in 1982 and is a member of the Lancaster County Woodcarves and the Conewago Carvers. He enters local shows, Artistry in Wood, Dayton, OH, Woodcarvers Congress, Maquoketa, IA and the CCA competition where he has won numerous awards including four firsts and second BOS in 2016. Bob has won two Best of Shows, been feature carver at several shows and has recently been honored to judge competitions. He has five articles published in WCI. If you have any questions or you need more information please let me know. Thanks, Bob Hershey.

  • Herlene Iobst - Alpine Relief Carving teaching Monday thru Thursday - Alpine subjects are the main thing, but a student may choose his or her own subject, you will carve and paint your project, all materials furnished, all skill levels are accepted. Ten students are good, but sometimes we can squeeze in another.

    The class is at least a two day project. If you have tools, great, but there are always tools you can borrow. Students will also learn to paint their carvings. Paint and brushes are included. Each student can choose their own scene, and I can help to draw it for them. Wood is available in various sizes. Painting and or staining will be included to finish each project. All paint and brushes needed will be included. The project will be tailored to the individual. Students could use a set of relief tools, but some will be available for loan.

    Herlene attended Baum Art school as a teenager, but never carved until 2003. She quickly became interested in German Alp scenery, having seen this relief style of carving while visiting Germany. She took it on as a challenge from a friend, and discovered that she had a natural God given talent to carve. Herlene's teaching method is geared for simplicity. "God has given me a wonderful gift, and I like to share it! Looking forward to seeing you all there!" She is a member of the Cherry Ridge Carvers and a talented artist.

  • George Basehore - "Relief Carving" - George will be teaching on 2 days only- check the schedule for the specific days when you arrive. Tools needed:, carving, one day, need ½ inch wide wood chisel and mallet. Max 10 students

    click for larger view

    Member of the American National Cane Club, Lancaster County Woodcarvers, West Shore Wood Carvers. Carving since 1997. George Basehore is a self described "Old Fart". I carved my first piece, a relief carving of my dog, in 1997. Working with nothing but a 1/2 inch wood chisel a hammer, and an old pine board. Since I can't draw bath water, I do all my layout work, from photos, on my computer. I have been attending NEWR since its inception, and have been teaching since 2005. My wood chisel is still my favorite tool. I still love relief carving, but am doing more carving in the round since coming to Cherry Ridge.

  • Bob Muller - Sharpening Bob will be teaching an introduction to sharpening each morning Monday through Wednesday for one hour. This class will help attendees understand the principles of hand sharpening their tools.

  • Mary Weinheimer - Characters in Relief plus, Cottonwood Bark in the round and Soapstone Teaching all 4 days.
    In addition to her line of caricatures and pretty practical items and tools, Mary has added a line of characters in relief. This line includes animals and humans - pirates, a gibson girl, a skating frog, a pig, and a dog with dentures.

    Mary will also have soapstone for carving. Animals and pendants or ornaments that can be carved in a few hours!. Join her for a day an evening or just for a few hours for some fun and exciting carving.

  • Floyd Rhadigan - "Caricatures" - will be teaching on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Max of 15 students. Caricature Carver with 40 years experience woodcarving and teaching for 37. Floyd lives and works full time as a woodcarver in Clinton, MI where he has a studio and store that is in a old bank built in 1873. He also travels around the U.S. teaching caricature carving.

    Floyd has 60+ roughouts available which range in price from $8 TO $20. Generally 1 or 2 projects can be completed in a day. Floyd uses knives and palm gouges - a glove is a must!. Floyd will discuss his painting techniques and if there is time will do a painting demo one day. He uses watered down acrylic paints. Floyd is a past President of the Caricature Carvers of America. He has been featured on the covers of all three major woodcarving magazines and took Best of Show, First and Second at the 2006 Caricature Carvers of America Show held at Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, TN.

    Floyd will have his my new book - "Carving Soldier Caricatures" and rough outs for all the projects in the new book. See several of his other carvings at his website

    click image for larger view

    Floyd has won numerous awards including Woodcarving Illustrated's 2016 Wood Carver of the Year the CCA Special Award in Dayton Ohio and recently a first place ribbon at the 2004 National CCA Competition. He teaches woodcarving classes all around the country including Michigan Woodcarving Seminars, Oscoda; Creative Woodcarving Seminar, Cadillac, MI in June each year; Woodcarvers Roundup, Evart, MI June each year; and NorthEast Woodcarvers Roundup, Honesdale, PA July each year. Floyd is looking forward to carving with new and old friends . Floyd will be teaching every day of the roundup.

  • Jack Miller - "miniature swan" I"ll have several carving subjects, including a miniature swan to work on. I can handle as many as 12 students and they can be from beginners to advanced carvers. I plan to teach from monday through Wednesday and may offer a class or two in the evening. I will also bring a new project- jewelry making- which I sort of introduced last summer at NEWR As always I will have tools and other equipment for sale at my tables.

  • Harold Kaltenbach - "Mushroom House" . My class will be carving a mushroom house. All students need is SHARP tools of their choice. I will take up to 14 students per day and will be teaching for 3 days Monday, Tuesday And Wednesday. Pm classes may happen. Looking forward to another great carving week.

    click image for larger view.

    More about Harold at his web site

  • Jody Sebring- "Carve a face in Cottonwood Bark" Teaching Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only.
    Maximum number of students per day 10

    This year, Jody will be teaching how to carve a face in Cottonwood Bark. Course will be a full day class, and there is a good chance that you may not be completed after the day sessions are completed. Jody will also be available evenings, and Thursday, in case you want to complete your carving. Bring whatever tools you have. If you don’t have a lot of gouges, don’t worry, because he will have whatever you need to complete your face. This course is for advanced beginners, to experts. Jody will try to give you the details you need to carve a variety of facial expressions during the course.

    Jody started carving when he was 13 years old. He has taken seminars with several CCA carvers, and enjoys caricature carving. Jody has tried most of the different types of carving, and is also a woodturner.

  • Mike Bloomquist Wood Spirits and Pie crimpers - Max 10 students.

    Monday and Tuesday -Wood Spirits from Cottonwood Bark

    Wednesday -Antique pie crimpers
    from his WCI article

    click image for larger view.

    See more of Mike's carvings by Clicking here

    Mike Bloomquist began carving fishing lures in 1985. After failed attempts carving a wood duck and a draft horse, he learned how to ‘really’ sharpen tools from a Rick Butz video and realized what many others found enjoyable about the art. Then, in 1994, he attended a woodcarving show sponsored by the Mohawk Valley Art and Woodcarving Assoc. Inspired by the variety and level of talent, woodcarving reached addiction status for him that year, and now serves as an excellent example of a hobby gone horribly out of control.

    While Mike started out in the Scandinavian Flat Plane style of woodcarving, his skills now encompass several forms including wildlife, folk art, fantasy, in-the-round, relief, and an occasional abstract. His pieces have been ‘adopted’ for collections in Canada, England, Germany, Iceland, and across the United States.

    He enjoys teaching, demonstrating, and writing about woodcarving and proudly takes credit for Shanghaiing his friend Harold Kaltenbach into teaching at the very first year of the NEWR.

  • Don Swartz- "Rooster class" classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a maximum of eight per session. By request I am going to teach a rooster class again this year, but have modified the project and am calling it my "Rooster Decoy" series. A second class will be a small pelican which is going to be the subject of an upcoming Woodcarving Illustrated article. The final class will be the cone-shapedTree Santa/Woodspirit that I taught last year. Tools required: roughing and detail knives, variety of palm tools to include: 1/2" #5 or 7, I/4" V. 1/8" and 1/4" veiner. Students are going to get several blanks with each of these classes, so they will have something to work on at home after the Roundup. Of course.....I will have some tools, books (heavily discounted) and wood along. Any special requests/orders for tools......please contact me by email by June 15. [email protected]

  • Carl Borst - a selection of Ship figure heads and others not yet determined -

    Teaching 3 days - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 8 - 10 students max Carl will offer a selection of figureheads some of which are in these photos. They will be about 6 - 8 inches. They will start with a Basswood rough out. Below are some of the figureheads he did last year. Contact Carl at [email protected] with questions

    Jinny Lind click image for larger view.

    Carl has been coming to Honesdale every year since it started except 2015. He has been teaching and judging carving events around the Northeast for many years. He has also been a contributor to Chip Chats since the mid 90's. Currently he has been teaching at the Rhode Island and the Lake Placid woodcarving retreats. His specialty is human head and figure both in caricature and realistic, although he has a well rounded variety of projects from full sized Carousel animals to very small novelty subjects. There will always be laughter in and around his classes as he believes that we should have fun while we learn about the craft that we love.

  • Jim Sebring - three inch star Christmas tree ornament.- He will be teaching Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Jim will provide blanks, and everything you’ll need to complete the star. The only tool you may need is a knife with a straight blade, and your carving glove. Project will not take a full day to complete, unless you plan on making more than one. Jim started carving in 1982 by taking a course at the county Vocational Technical school during an evening adult course. Since then, he has taken courses with several CCA carvers, and others. Jim enjoys chip carving, and has revived Tramp Art carving in this century.

  • Maura Macaluso - Relief - - Maura will be teaching for 2 days. She is planning a relief carving class. Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Jim Hiser -Caricature Carving -one day classes on Monday and Tuesday. Maximum number of students per day 10. All level of carvers welcome. Projects still a Santa

    Jim Hiser lives in Carlisle Pa and has been carving since 2000. He likes to promote woodcarving to new and experienced carvers, he teaches several classes each year and attends various carving shows display his work. He is the newest member of the Caricature Carvers of America, inducted in 2015.

  • Charles Brainard - Marquetry Class cancelled

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